L&T Interview Questions And Answers for Freshers/Experienced Apply Online for Jobs

L&T Interview Questions And Answers for Freshers/Experienced Apply On line for Jobs previous And Latest year.Are you looking jobs This is necessary to create in the page using the interview questions and answers, all of which will help you get your work

   L&T Interview Questions And Answers for Freshers/Experienced Apply Online for Jobs

Employee Benefits

From Mentor Buddy Systems to well-defined Leadership Development Programmes, we continually innovate and institutionalise HR Practices that are on par with the best in the world.
We follow a policy of strict adherence to statutory & regulatory norms for payment of wages & benefits for Workmen. The minimum wages compliance is 100%. Statutory benefits like PF and medical facilities are also provided for employees’ well-being.

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of our business philosophy. It is viewed as protecting our most valuable assets. We aim to be a leader in OHS performance through continual measurable improvements.

Essential Qualification:
Competitors, who would like to get the above mentioned jobs, must have held B.Tech/B.E./Degree In involved control from Organizations or known University.


Test Sections
Section 1 : Aptitude Test L&T 
Section 2 : English Test  
Test experience:
Aptitude test consists of a mix of all kinds of basis aptitude questions. English test consists of 57 questions containing a healthy mix of short comprehension, sentence formation, error in tenses, antonyms , synonyms etc to be answered in 20 min.

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Interview Questions
Question1 : What do u mean by M20?
Question2 : What is the nominal mix of M20?
Question3 : How do u measure the workability of concrete?
Question4 : Explain briefly the procedure for the above methods.?
Question5 : Which method would you use in site? What are its demerits?
Question6 : Tell me something about placing of concrete?
Question7 : Have you heard about slip form technique?
Question8 : What is chuting of concrete?
Question9 : As an engineer when will you go for chuting and is it a good method of concrete pouring?
Question10 : What are the factores affecting the strength of concrete?
Question11 : Have you heard about Boars compounds?
Question12 : Name the compounds and state their importance.
Question13 : How many different types of slabs are there? Explain each.
Question14 : What is the difference between 1way slab and 2 way slab?
Question15 : Identify which type of slab is above our heads?
Question16 : When to use 1 way and 2 way slab?
Question17 : In slab above our head where is the shear force and bending moment maximum?
Question18 : Where is the reinforcement provided for shear and bending ?

Technical Interview experience:

Really grilling interview considering the no of questions asked but at the same time it was a good experience. They ask question from your area of interest eg; Building science , Structural design and analysis, Georgette, water resources and transportation.

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Tips for Technical Interview:

You should be very good in atleast 3 of the above subjects. Read some technical journals as well helps if you quote some research related to the topic.Give a good brief but complete answer and if u don't know say that.If you are unable to remember answer for a particular question you can ask for some time to think n that will be givenThe interviewer will at times add a practical angle to a question n if you hit a six here you have good chance of success. Remember you have to be well prepared to answer these question so be well prepared. With Lord Sai's grace may u succeed.

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Interview Questions
Question1 : Tell me something abt yourself.
Question2 : Why did you select civil?
Question3 : In our organization which department would you like to work in?
Question4 : Why are you interested in these subjects( your area of interest)..?
Question5 : Do you have any higher educations plans? If
Question6 : Where do u see yourself after 5 years?
Question7 : You know civil engg..buildis structures of social importance ....lots of social impact ..so whats your social footprint?
Question8 : Other than your CV ..what kind of person you are ? What has been your biggest achievements?
Question 9 : Do you play any sports ?

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Tips for HR Interview:

1) Communication skills2) Technical knowledge3) Value match and organizational fit.4) Ability to apply technical knowledge to real life problems.These are the 4 pillars on which your entire interview process stands. Keep these things in mind when u give an answer.And you have lot of material available online for Hr interview go through that.

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