Top 10 Engineering Industries in India

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Top 10 Engineering Industries in India Types






It's very privilege to write about Top Ten booming Engineering Industries in India, Major part of the Country's revenue or economy purely depends on these kind of Industries, where we can find lot of employability, the role of engineering widely spread from Diaper Industries to Ship Industries. The Indian Engineering services achieved a remarkable mile stone in In fractures & Manufacturing Sectors. Engineering industries in India plays a vital role for the Global Investments. Let us discuss about the role of the engineering industries, prior to the part played by various Engineering Companies.

Roles of Engineering Industries

Employability: It’s a great boon for the educated youngsters to provide there inputs for the development of the infrastructures which substantially increases there economic & social status, It is estimated that about 60% percent of people indulged in the Engineering Sectors.

In the recent past there have been a drastic growth in revenue, investments, infrastructures which made other countries to start there manufacturing unit in India eg.. Hyundai, Volkswagen, Turbojet Engines.

: It is a prominent revenue generating industries, developed countries started investing in India, and they have alliance with giants like Reliance, Tata

Ten Giant Engineering Industry Companies are Listed out, Which are Major Contributors of Indian Economy

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries which has the Midas Golden touch power gained a tie-up with Swedish Defence Company (SAAB) for which Reliance builds Submarines and Aircraft Carriers. It generates annual turnover of 50 billion Crores.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield a two wheeler division of Eicher had signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UK based design & engineering company Harris Performance Products Ltd, whose expertise will help Eicher to understand the novel ideas in Motorcycling.


L&T one cannot forget the vital role played by Larsen & Tubro the companies have doing a fantastic job in infrastructure the are building roads which connects the states and hence providing access to various parts of the country, it provides a huge turnover of 1Lakh Crore.

TATA Industries

TATA Industries have expanded it's wing from Salt to Aircraft, Honeywell Turbo Technologies partnered with Tata Groups to design their first ever petrol turbocharged engine. The new Tata Revotron 1.2T engine launched in the 2014 Tata Zest delivers improved power and torque and a multi-drive mode. TATA provides unique engineering services.

Tractebel Engineering (India)

Tractebel Engineering (India) plays a prominent role in the erection of thermal tower which dddrno doubtedly gives path for the development of Gas Pipelines, Liquefied Natural Gas, Hydro Power Sector.

LGB (LG Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd)

LGB (LG Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd) Leading Indian roller chain manufacturer One of the leading industries in South India First Indian chain manufacturer to get ISO 9001 certification.


BIOCON it is a biotechnology industry based in Bangalore, it deals with Genetic Engineering where the stem cell preservation & therapy takes place.

Robert Bosch

Robert Bosch it is a German based Company it operates from various parts of India, it is a main manufacturer of tools, batteries.


Pricol this is a South Indian Automotive Component Industry where the base is from Coimbatore, it manufactures Brake Shoes, Speedometer, Odometers, it exports the products to Asian Countries.

LMW Lakshmi 

LMW Lakshmi Machine works was started in 1962, it is an icon company of South India the base is from Coimbatore, it manufactures CNC tools, precision tools.

The above given are the few Industries which play a prominent roles in Indian Economy, I am very much proud to be in such a wonderful country.