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Prior to Indian independence, a company was founded in 1938 Bombay (Mumbai) (British India) by two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-Larsen and Søren Kristian Toubro. The company began as a representative of Danish manufacturers of dairy equipment. However, with the start of the Second World War in 1939 and the resulting restriction on imports, the partners started a small workshop to undertake jobs and provide service facilities.

Germany's invasion of Denmark in 1940 stopped supplies of Danish products.[6] The war-time need to repair and refit ships offered L&T an opportunity, and led to the formation of a new company, Hilda Ltd, to handle these operations.[6] L&T also started to repair and fabricate ships signalling the expansion of the company.

The sudden internment of German engineers in British India (due to suspicions caused by the Second World War), who were to put up a soda ash plant for the Tata's, gave L&T a chance to enter the field of installation.

In 1944, ECC was incorporated by the partners; the company at this time was focused on construction projects (Presently, ECC is the construction division of L&T). L&T began several foreign collaborations. By 1945, the company represented British manufacturers of equipment used to manufacture products such as hydrogenated oils, biscuits, soaps and glass.

L&T's amazing growth story has been possible because of the fresh talent that flows in from engineering campuses. We believe in transforming fresh graduate engineers into future leaders by making them go through the crucible of challenging assignments.

Job roles:L&T visits around 100 campuses where we look for bright engineering talent to partner us in our growth story.
Indicative Roles:
Technology and Product Development Centre
Manufacturing Technology
Material competency Centre
Quality Assurance & Quality Control
International business development
Technical services
Project Management
Construction Management
Manufacturing engineering
Business services
Sales & Marketing

The selection process covers written tests that measure intelligence, personal interview and a medical examinatio

Job kind: Noraml

Shift: Any shift

Selection mode: Interview

Apply mode: Online